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Eco Friendly Saubhagya

Saubhagya Enterprises as an  Eco Friendly organisation

The goal of any technology is to make our lives better However,Saubhagya Enterprises follow eco friendly ways to develop their relationships between organisation and their customers. Whether it makes us more productive in the workplace or allows us to relax while watching the Super Bowl in high definition with surround sound, we have all come to appreciate what technology can do for us. What we are starting to see however, is what technology is doing to us. Just as the Industrial Revolution sparked an increase in pollution, the technical revolution is responsible for its fair share of environmental hazards and waste.

As our company and consumers have developed a sense of eco responsibility over the years, the commitment to sustainable, or green, living has made its way past the living room and into the corporate board room. To comply with both federal and social standards, companies and consumers alike are looking toward eco tech as a way to achieve sustainability.

Eco friendly technology looks to improve in two major areas: energy efficiency and reduction of harmful waste. Through efforts by the large computer and electronic manufacturers, many high tech products carry the ENERGY STAR approval, meaning they are more energy efficient than other products of a similar function and quality. Through corporate recycling programs, outdated computers and components can be recycled for future discounts rather than thrown into landfills where toxic residue can pollute groundwater sources.

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