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Iffco-Tokyo Home Suvidha policy

Iffco-Tokyo Home Suvidha policy

Your home means everything to you. it is one of your biggest assets that reflects not only. Your dream but also a substantial investment of time and money. Although you cannot: guard it from all possible risks, but nevertheless, you con always take steps to help you tide over unexpected events.



Our Home Suvidha insurance 'Policy gives complete protection to your home against a wide range of risks and perils-. it is o simple Policy wherein there are  various categories of Sum insured and you may opt for the category most suitable to you depending upon the extent  of risk. The Sum insured under Section 1 and 2 represents the First Loss limit which should   be within 50% of the actual Market Value of the properly to risk, below which under insurance  ,condition will be applicable. The other Sections ore covered on Full Value basis - Market Value for Section 5 and Reinstatement Value for Section 3 & 6. Sections 5 and 6 ore optional. Either or both of them can be deleted from the cover token, in case they are not relevant to you.


Section 1: Fire and Allied Perils (Contents)

Contents of your premises are covered against fire, explosion, bursting/Overflowing of water tanks, riot, strike and malicious damage, earthquake, Flood, cyclone, landslide etc.

Section 2: Burglary and other Perils (Contents)

Contents of your premises ore covered against housebreaking, burglary robbery or dacoity and also against impact damages by falling trees/electric poles/lamp posts, breakage or collapse of television or radio aerials /satellite dishes and damage by civic authorities in the prevention of fire.

Section 3: Television /Video Equipment

This Section covers loss or damage to your television/ video equipment against fire, theft, occidental damage and breakdown.

Section 4: Personal Accident

This Section covers you and your family member’s against occidental bodily injury leading to death or disablement (either permanent total or permanent partial).

Section 5: Fire and Allied Perils (Building)

This Section covers your residential building against perils mentioned under Section 1 above.

Section 6: Personal Computer

This Section covers loss or damage to your personal computer against fire, theft, occidental damage and breakdown.


Keeping in mind the varying needs of the customers' we, have Developed the following customized plans from which you can choose as per your requirement.

Who can apply for the policy?

The Policy is suitable for you as a house holder, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, whether you reside in an independent house or in a flat / apartment, whether the building is single storied or is a high rise, since each of the alternatives above would imply different risk exposures which can be covered under this policy.

 Easy claim process

In case of any incident leading to a claim under this policy, please ensure your safety as well as that your property and then inform our nearest office or our Customer Care Centre at 1800-345-3303 (Toll Free). We will guide you through the simple claim settlement process. 

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