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Personal Accident Insurance from IFFCO-Tokio


A Complete Protector

It is a fact that life today is uncertain. Everybody is always at risk - on the roads, at work, while travelling, or even inside their own home. Some unfortunate accidental occurrence might bring a huge financial burden to you and your family. Although you cannot guard against all uncertainties of life, you can always take steps to help you tide over such accidental events.

IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance's Personal Accident Insurance Policy provides just the right kind of cover for these uncertain times.

Benefits Available

The complete benefit plan under the Policy is given below: 

1. Death 100
2. a) Loss of sight (both eyes) 100
     b) Loss of two limbs 100
     c) Loss of one limb and one eye 100
3. a) Loss of sight of one eye 50
     b) Loss of one limb 50
4. Permanent Total and absolute disablement 100

Note: Other benefits for accidents resulting into loss of fingers/toes or any other permanent partial disablement range from 5% to 40% depending on the type of disability. For temporary total disability, 1% of Sum Insured per week is payable subject to a maximum of Rs.6,000/- per week. For that extra protection and relief in those hard times, IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance's Personal Accident Insurance Policy also gives the following additional benefits: 

  • Education Benefit: In the unfortunate event of death or loss of limbs/eyes or permanent total disablement of the Insured, the education cost of dependant children is covered under the Policy upto specified limits.
  • Employment Benefit:This cover provides financial compensation upto specified limits in the event of loss of employment of the Insured following an accident resulting in loss of limbs/eyes or permanent total disablement. 
  • Ambulance Benefit:If any accident results in the use of an ambulance by the Insured to reach a hospital, then the Policy will pay the necessary charges upto specified limits. 
  • Cumulative Benefit:Under the Policy the Sum Insured amount for you and your family members under Individual and Family covers is automatically increased on renewal upto specified limits without payment of any extra premium. Besides these benefits, our Policy also offers benefits, like compensation for clothing damaged in an accident, expenses for carriage of dead body etc. 
When will policy not pay?

Some of the important Exclusions under the Policy are self-injury, suicide, venereal disease, insanity, influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, pregnancy or childbirth, HIV or AIDS , war and nuclear risks etc.

Who can apply for the personal accident insurance?

If you are not involved in any activity that is hazardous like aviation, ballooning etc. and you are not a member of the armed forces and you fall within the specified age limits (5 to70 years), you can apply for this Policy and get complete protection for yourself and your family members.

What are the types of Policies?

The Policy is available both as Individual and Family Package covers and on Group Cover basis.Groups can comprise of employees of an organisation and their dependants, members of clubs, societies and associations, holders of deposits/accounts with banks/financial institutions/companies, students/teachers of educational institutions etc. 

Group Policies are eligible for attractive premium discounts depending on the size of the group. 

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