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Star Criticare Plus


Work pressures and higher levels of stress have led to higher incidence of major illnesses like kidney disease, tumors and heart attack particularly among urban Indians. Star Health has a critical illness insurance policy that offers regular hospitalisation benefits along with Major Disease benefits in one policy. Star Criticare Plus Insurance provides for reimbursement of hospitalization expenses incurred as a result of illness/disease/sickness and/or accidental injuries and also provides for a lump-sum benefit in case the insured person is diagnosed with any Major Illness as listed in the policy for the first time during the policy period.
Who Can Take This Critical Illness Insurance
Any person aged between 18 years and 65 years can take this critical illness insurance. The insurance is renewable up-to 70 years
Star Criticare Benefits
This policy offers critical illness insurance cover to the Insured Person under two sections. Both regular hospitalization benefits and major diseases benefits are available under one policy
Section I
Provides for in-patient hospitalization expenses for a minimum stay of 24 hours in the hospital
Room rent up-to a maximum of 2% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs4000 per day
Boarding and Nursing expenses
Surgeon's fees, Consultant's fees, Anesthetist fees
Cost of medicines and drugs
Cost of blood, oxygen, diagnostic expenses, cost of pace maker and similar expenses
Emergency ambulance charges for transporting the covered patient to the hospital up-to sum of Rs.750/- per hospitalization and overall limit of Rs.1500/- per policy period
Section II(Major Diseases cover)
Provides for payment of lump-sum amount equal to the sum insured opted if the insured person contracts any one of the Major diseases for the first time
Pre-Existing Diseases /Illness
Covered under Section I after 48 months of continuous insurance with us.
Major Diseases Covered Under The Policy
First Diagnosis of Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, Hepatoma, Brain Tumour
Undergoing first time - Major Organ Transplant
Occurrence for the first time of the following medical events:
Cerebro-Vascular Stroke causing Hemiplegia, Acute Myocardial Infarction resulting in Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction of < 25%
Established irreversible Coma
Established irreversible Paraplegia
Established irreversible Quadriplegia
Sum Insured
(in Rs)
5 mths - 35 yrs 36 yrs - 45 yrs 46 yrs - 55 yrs
200000 3750 386 4136 4200 433 4633 6400 659 7059
300000 5400 556 5956 6000 618 6618 8900 917 9817
400000 7000 721 7721 7680 791 8471 12300 1267 13567
500000 8400 865 9265 9400 968 10368 15200 1566 16766
1000000 14600 1504 16104 16100 1658 17758 22600 2328 24928
Sum Insured
(in Rs)
56 yrs - 65 yrs 66 yrs - 70 yrs
200000 7550 778 8328 11150 1148 12298
300000 11600 1195 12795 16200 1669 17869
400000 15900 1638 17538 21050 2168 23218
500000 19500 2009 21509 25900 2668 28568
1000000 28200 2905 31105 35350 3641 38991
IT Benefit
Premium paid by any mode other than cash for this insurance is eligible for relief under section 80D of the IT Act
What Cannot Be Claimed
For Section I
Treatment of disease/sickness/illness contracted by the Insured Person during the first 30 days from the commencement date of the policy.
Expense incurred in the first two Years of continuous operation of Insurance cover on treatment for Cataract, Hysterectomy for Menorrhagia or Fibromyoma, Treatment for Knee or Joint Surgery (other than caused by an accident), Prolapse of intervertebral disc (other than caused by accident), Varicose veins and Varicose ulcers.
Expense incurred during the first year of operation of the Insurance on treatment of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, Hernia, Hydrocele, Fistula in anus, Piles, Sinusitis and related disorders, gallstones and renal stones
Naturopathy treatment
Expenses which are purely diagnostic in nature with no positive existence of any disease
For Section II
Expenses incurred for treatment of congenital diseases/ defects/anomalies.
Manifestation of any of the covered Major Diseases within first 90 days from the date of commencement of the policy. This will not apply when the policy is renewed without any break.
Claims Procedure
Call the 24 hour help-line 1800 425 2255 for assistance
Inform the ID number/Policy no. for easy reference
  For claims under Section I
In case of planned hospitalization, inform 24 hours prior to admission in the hospital
In case of emergency hospitalization information to be given within 24 hours after hospitalization
Cashless facility can be availed in all network hospitals
In non-network hospitals payment must be made up-front and then reimbursement will be effected on submission of documents
  For claims under Section II
Intimate the Company on diagnosis of any of the Major Diseases covered. Further procedures would be intimated
Star Advantages
No Third Party Administrator; direct in-house claims settlement
Faster & hassle-free claim settlement
Cashless hospitalization
Network of more than 4900 hospitals across India
24x7 Toll- free Helpline
Free General Physician Consultation over phone. Doctors on duty 24x7. By quoting the policy number, any person can contact our Doctor on the toll free number 1800 425 2255 for medical advices.
Free Health magazines are issued to policy holders at regular intervals
NOTE: The benefits and exclusions mentioned herein are only an outline of the critical illness and accident hospitalisation policy. For complete details, please contact your nearest Star Health office.

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