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Star Wedding Gift

The comforts and luxuries of today' s life come at a price - the price of uncertainties. Of the uncertainties, health of oneself and one's family is of prime concern. Add to this, the fact that medical expenses are getting dearer. One ailment is all it takes to wipe out years of savings - that was meant to realize your dreams. Can there be a better gift for wedding than Star Wedding Gift policy.
Pre- Medical screening
There is no pre acceptance medical screening.
Pre-Existing Diseases
Pre existing diseases are covered after 48 months of continuous insurance with the company.
Policy Benefits
Hospitalization Cover : In-patient hospitalization expenses for a minimum of 24 hours.
Room, Boarding, Nursing Expenses up to Rs. 4,000/- per day.
Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist Fees.
Cost of medicines and drugs.
Emergency ambulance charges for transporting the insured patient to the hospital upto a sum of Rs.1,000/- per hospitalization and overall limit of Rs. 1,500/- per policy period.
Expenses for delivery of child (Caesarean/Normal Delivery - for one delivery only) upto the limits
Pre nad Post natal expenses included
Newborn baby cover (including Congenital disorders/defects)
Post delivery Complication cover for mother after delivery
Cost of test incurred for detecting any disorders in the Foetus upto Rs. 1,000/- (after a waiting period of 27 months). The waiting period of 27 months is reduced to 15 months when the policy is taken for a period of 4 years.
Pre-Hospitalization & Post-Hospitalization
Pre-hospitalization medical expenses upto 30 days prior to the date of admission.
Post-hospitalizationn - a lumpsum calculated at 7% of the hospitalization expenses (excluding room charges) subject to a maximum of Rs.5,000/- is payable.
Not applicable for child delivery claims.
Non Allopathic Treatments
Upto 25% of sum insured per occurrence, subject to a maximum of Rs. 25,000/- per policy period.
Any couple aged between 18 years and 40 years residing in India can take this insurance.
Renewable upto 45 years.
Policy Period
Policy is offered for the following periods
1 year
2 years
4 years
Sum Insured
Coverage Option 1 Option 2
a. Hospitalisation Expenses Rs. 3,00,000/- Rs. 5,00,000/-
b. Child Delivery Expenses Rs. 15,000/- for normal and Rs. 20,000/- for caesarean delivery Rs. 20,000/- for normal and Rs. 25,000/- for caesarean delivery
c. Pre and Post Natal Expenses  Pre Natal : Rs. 1,500/- Pre Natal : Rs. 2,000/-
(as part of Child Delivery Expenses) Post Natal : Rs. 2,000/- Post Natal : Rs. 4,000/-
d. New Born Baby Cover : Hospitalisation expenses for treatment including congenital diseases Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 50,000/-
e. New Born Baby Cover : Lump sum payment for Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy Rs. 60,000/- Rs. 1,00,000/-
f. Post Delivery Complications Actuals within Hospitalisation Limits Actuals within Hospitalisation Limits
g. Test for detecting congenital abnormality in foetus Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 1,000/-
Note : The coverage limits mentioned in (b) to (f) above, is part of the overall Sum Insured mentioned under (a) above.
Policy Premium (Service Tax Extra)
Policy period for One Year cover (Service Tax Extra) :
Option Family Size Premium (Rs.)
5 months - 35 years 36 years - 45 years
Option 1 2A 10305 10740
2A + 1C 10535 11305
Option 2 2A 13960 14680
2A + 1C 14470 15310
Policy period for Two Years cover (Service Tax Extra) :
Option Family Size Premium (Rs.)
5 months - 35 years 36 years - 45 years
Option 1 2A 18550 19335
2A + 1C 18965 20350
Option 2 2A 25130 26425
2A + 1C 26050 27560
Policy period for Four Years cover (Service Tax Extra) :
Option Family Size Premium (Rs.)
5 months - 35 years 36 years - 45 years
Option 1 2A 43285 45110
2A + 1C 44250 47485
Option 2 2A 58635 61660
2A + 1C 60775 65145
Tax Benefits
Payment of premium by any mode other than cash for insurance under this policy is eligible for relief under section 80D of the Income Tax Act
Free Look In Period
Free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of policy is available (under 4 year period policy only).
During the free look period if the insured persons is not satisfied, he/she has option to cancel the policy. On doing so the premium paid will be refunded after deduction of 5% subject to there being no claim.
What cannot be claimed?
Expenses for treatment of any illness/diseases/condition which are pre - existing.
Expenses for delivery of a child within 36 months of continuous coverage from the date of commencement of this policy with the company. The waiting period of 36 months is reduced to 24 months when the policy is taken for a period of 4 years.
Treatment of illness/disease/sickness contracted by the insured person during the first 30 days from the commencement date of this policy.
First Two Years Exclusions: Cataract, Hysterectomy, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB), Fibroid Uterus, Prolapsed Uterus, Treatment of Internal Derangement of Knee (other than caused by an accident), Treatment for Joints (other than caused by an accident), Intervertebral Disc Prolapse (other than caused by accident), degenerative Vertebral and Disc diseases, Varicose veins and Varicose.
First year Exclusions : Deviated Nasal Septum, Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, Hernia, Hydrocele, Congenital Internal disease/defect, Fistula in anus, Piles, Fissure in anus, Sinusitis, and related disorders, Nasal Polyps, gall bladder calculi and renal calculi
Naturopathy treatment
Expenses which are purely diagnostic in nature with no positive existence of any disease.
Treatment of Congenital external defects/anomalies (except for New Born)
Expenses which are mainly cosmetic in nature.
Claims Procedure
Call the 24 hour help-line for assistance - 1800 425 2255
Inform the ID number for easy reference
In case of planned hospitalization inform 24 hours prior to admission in the hospital
In case of emergency hospitalization information to be given within 24 hours after hospitalization
Cashless facility can be availed in all network hospitals
In non - network hospitals payment must be made up - front and then reimbursement will be effected on submission of documents.
Star Advantages
No Third Party Administrator; direct in-house claims settlement
Faster & hassle - free claim settlement
Cashless hospitalization
Network of more than 4900 hospitals across India
24x7 Toll - free Helpline
Free General Physician Consultation over phone. Doctors on duty 24x7. By quoting the policy number, any person can contact our Doctor on the toll free number 1800 425 2255 for medical advices.
Free Health magazines are issued to policy holders at regular intervals
NOTE: The benefits and exclusions mentioned herein are only an outline of the accident and life insurance policy. For complete details, please contact your nearest Star Health office.

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