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Insurance at Saubhagya Enterprises

Saubhagya Enterprises offers risk management services and a complete range of insurance solutions. The company holds a Direct Insurance Broker's license from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and provides a wide array of Life Insurance and General Insurance products under professional guidance of experts in the field. We provide customized solutions to individual clients, small and medium enterprises as well as to the leading corporate houses and institutions across the country.

We work hard every day to make sure you get the Best Insurance and investment Product at very competitive price in the minimum possible time. The company is dealing with the retails as well as the corporate clients who demand value priced insurance services of all the insurance companies both Public Sector and Private. As a fast growing business enterprise we have entered the stage of maturity and aim at steady growth and expansion. To accomplish this objective we are attempting to win prestige, recognition and goodwill in the industry in which we are operating. We are regularly plugging back a part of our profits in infrastructure development of the company for attaining optimum size to avail economies of scale. Apart from a set of business objectives relating to profitability, productive efficiency, growth, technological dynamism, stability, competitive strength, market standing, customer service, diversification, employee satisfaction and welfare, adaptability, flexibility and social responsibility, our main aim rests in the client comfort and ease at the time of claim or mishap, speedy compensation being the prime principal of indemnity. 

Insurance may not buy the happiness However its absence can destroy your happiness.....

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